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Managed Services

Our Managed IT Services program provides affordable proactive IT management and support to growing businesses. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, Cypher Systems provides a range of proactive services to keep your technology up and running to help keep your people and business productive.


Our helpdesk technicians are your front line support. We strive to resolve your issue the first time you connect with our team. We prioritize remote support to be able to resolve your issue quickly. Our technicians will visit you on site if needed. Fast, Efficient and Affordable.

Proactive Maintenance

Lost productivity and surprise downtime negatively affect your business and your bottom line. Our state of the art systems proactively monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure to prevent issues before they affect your team.

Asset Management and Procurement

Profitable, efficient businesses require accurate budgeting. Our tools track your IT assets and allow us to create effective replacement schedules that you can count on. 

Cyber Security

With security threats on the rise, excellent cyber security is a must for any business or organization. Our hand picked collection of security tools keep your client data and your intellectual property safe and protected. 

Managed Firewalls

We are partnered with 3 of the largest manufacturers of hardware firewalls enabling us to install the best, most cost effective solution to match your needs. All of our security firewalls have active notifications, intrusion detection and are monitored remotely 24/7.

Content Filtering and Antivirus

We leverage both hardware and software content filtering to keep your devices and your network safe and secure. Our antivirus software is integrated with our remote management tools so we can make settings changes remotely and monitor for any issues.

Managed Admin Privileges

We leverage a combination of on-site and cloud based identity management to allow secure access to your accounts and devices. We also use the most advanced Privileged Access Management tool to allow the safe install of software without having to open a ticket. 

Data Backup / Recovery

Protecting your important business information is increasingly important. While we try to proactively protect your infrastructure, threats do occur and the consequences can be disastrous to your business. A solid multi level backup and recovery plan will have you resting easy. 

Cloud Backup

While digital threats to your infrastructure are common, physical threats can happen too. With your data backed up in the cloud, physical threats like theft, fire and flood are no longer a concern. We can have you back up and running in no time! 

Hybrid Backup

Some buinesses have large amounts of mission critical data that needs to be restored quickly in the event of a disaster. Leveraging on premise backup along side cloud backup gives us the best of both worlds. Your data is secure and can be restored quickly. 

Office 365 Backup

There is a common misconception that if your data is in a cloud based system like Microsoft 365 that it is safe from all threats. While cloud based systems allow for redundant access to your data they are still susceptible to viruses and other threats. We backup all cloud data to a secondary location for quick restores if something should get past your other security measures. 

Cloud Services

Cloud based systems allow for easy WFA (Work From Anywhere). Whether it be for safety, lower real estate costs, or efficiency, moving your systems to the cloud allow your business to be agile in our ever changing business landscape.

Cloud Computing

Virtual machines in the cloud can host all of your Line of Business software. Not only does this allow for better redundancy it also eliminates costly on premise servers. 

Cloud Financial Systems

Do you have several people accessing your financial software? Do some or all of them work remotely? Cloud based accounting software is cost effective, secure and reliable. We have helped many businesses migrate Sage and Quickbooks software and data to the cloud. Let us help you!

VoIP Phone Systems

Do you have an old, analog, on-premise phone system that just isn’t cutting it anymore? Let us help you move to a cloud based VoIP digital phone system. Your phone system will never be out of date again and you will always have all the new features! 

Digital Phones

We stock several models of the top brands of digital phones to meet your needs. Desk phones with large colour screens, portable phones, rugged handsets, we will customize your equipment and phone system to suit your business.

Digital Fax

Let us help you move away from wasted paper and trips to the office to pickup or send faxes. Our fully digital system allows you to keep your existing fax number. Easily manage your inbound faxes with the ability to receive them to one or more email addresses. Send faxes to regular fax numbers by email from anywhere. 

Rich Feature Set

Your custom system can include a combination of desk phones, mobile app and desktop app to maximize reachability and efficiency. Regardless of the device, outbound calls will always show your business number so you can work from anywhere while maintaining proffesionalism and consistency. All of our systems include all features so there are no complicated plans to navigate.

Microsoft 365

In todays tech landscape it is increasingly important for your business to be flexible and adaptable. Cloud based productivity systems are cost effective, scalable and secure. The Microsoft 365 cloud based ecosystem allows for easy and efficient collaboration from anywhere.

Exchange Email

The gold standard for business email, Microsoft Exchange 365 is an enterprise class email system that gives you secure access to your email from anywhere. Share mailboxes, calendars and notes with ease across your entire organization.

Microsoft 365 Software

Avoid formatting and compatibility issues by using the standard in business productivity software. Microsoft 365 software is the most popular and widely used productivity software in the world.

Cloud File Storage / Sharing

Pair Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive cloud file storage with the rest of you productivity systems for seamless collaboration inside and outside your organization. Access your files quickly and securely from anywhere. Eliminate the expense and vulnerability of on-premise file servers.

Web Services

Using the latest techniques and design, our skilled web team can bring your business or organization to life on the internet. Not only can we publish your company details and contact information, we can also help you get discovered, as cost effectively as possible, by potential clients.

Managed Web Hosting

We have partnered with one of the highest rated web hosting companies in the world to be able to offer guaranteed up time SLA of 99.9999% Our customized hosting environments allow your website to be fast and secure. Our systems monitor your site 24/7 so you can rest easy.

Website Development

Our dedicated web design team leverages the power of WordPress to make your vision come to life. We use a refined collection of plug-ins that have been vetted over the last 2 decades to ensure your site is functional and easy to navigate.

Website Maintenance and Security

Consistant maintenance and security updates to your hosting environment and website backend are of utmost importance. Data security is always top of mind for our team. We keep your data and environment safe to maintain the reputation of your business.

Hardware Sales

With 25 years of experience in hardware procurement, our team will make sure you get the correct equipment for the best price. Take advantage of our expertise! This valuable service is included free of charge to all of our clients.

Extensive Vendor Network

We have partnered with several of the largest hardware suppliers in the world to allow us access to all of the top brands. Our Solutions Engineers will find hardware that is best suited to your needs and your budget.

Cutting Edge Devices

Our team is always on the lookout for the best and newest technologies. We are part of the beta testing teams with many of our hardware partners. It excites us to be able to elevate your business with new devices when they first become available.

Peace of Mind

Technology helps you serve your clients and customers with ease and efficiency. It is our mission to minimize any downtime of your systems. While we do our best to keep device failure to a minimum, we leverage the best warranties in the industry to make sure we get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Also, accidents happen, we can help protect you against those mishaps as well.

Hardware Implementation

Over the last 2 decades our team has managed large scale hardware implementation projects for multi-national enterprise clients. We can manage the entire project from conception to roll out, or just be your skilled hands on site. 

Technician Sourcing

Do you need technicians to aid with hands on projects nationally? We have vetted contractors in every major city in North America ready to help.

Project Management

Our team is skilled in all aspects of project management. You tell us what needs to be accomplished and we can develop the project, create the implementation documents, train our contractors and roll out the hardware. Sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

National Resources

Too busy to find and properly vet technical resources? If we don’t already have a contractor in your area we have tried and tested methods to find the right person with the correct expertise.


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